How To Beautify Your Mudroom



Winter is all about warm sweaters, coats, hats, and boots. On those messy weather days a mudroom is ideal for keeping your entryway clean, mud-free, and organized. The mudroom is a designated area in your home for storing and removing shoes, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the house. We often see images of mudrooms that are boring and lack style. They typically become dumping grounds for articles of clothing and junk. The mudroom should also have a sense of style that mirrors the rest of the house. I wanted to a quick post to prove that you can make the mudroom work for you.

I’m currently working a mudroom project for one of my client’s in Maryland. We’ve worked together together in the past so I already have a good sense of what they like and don’t like. I proposed a mudroom that was chic yet casual. One that had modern elements but was still very functional for their needs. The black and white theme adds sophistication to an otherwise dull overlooked space. We’re planning to install custom built-ins in the room to hold tote bags, coats and shoes. The built-ins will have storage a mix of cabinets and storage bins. There will also be a work table for folding and sorting laundry.

I can’t wait to share the finished results with you. I’m sure my client will be pleased!


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