Five Reasons Why You Should Hire An Interior Designer

Great spaces aren’t created by accident. Some people are skilled at pulling a room together that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while others struggle in that area. If you’re contemplating whether or not you should hire an interior designer, it’s definitely a smart decision to consider especially if you want your home to look its best.

As a  designer, it’s our job to pay attention to details and design elements such as color, texture, scale, lighting, proportion, and balance. I always laugh when I recommend something to a client and then they turnaround and ask me, “Are you sure this will look right?”  Of course it will. We explore all possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of everything before making a final decision.


Here are five reasons why hiring an interior designer is a smart decision.

1. Save Money.  Many people think that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive or that they will lose creative control over their project. However, when you work with a designer you are most likely to stay on budget and avoid making costly mistakes. A skilled designer is going to assess your space and tell you if that chandelier you’re considering in the dining room is too big for the table. I can’t tell you how many times a homeowner has contacted me to fix problems like the window treatments they installed that were too short.

2. Save Time.  Despite what you may have seen on HGTV, designing an entire home (or a single room) is not a quick and easy process that happens overnight. There’s tons of planning and details involved in order to finish a project. And every project has it’s own set of challenges. When problems arise, it’s nice to have an expert around who can make cost-saving decisions for you on the spot. If you’re like most people who have a busy day-to-day schedule, you may not have time to decorate, manage renovations, make technical decisions, go furniture shopping, and work with tradesmen.

3. Expert Advice.   A designer will give you a professional assessment of your space and then make recommendations on things that you may not have considered.  We can help you decide which furniture pieces you should keep and what can be re-purposed in another room. We’re natural problem solvers who can troubleshoot any and everything that comes your way.

4. Define Your Style. An interior designer will help you find your style.  Do you prefer mid-century furniture or traditional? Are you global chic or modern industrial? Do you even know what any of that means? LOL! Oftentimes clients come to me thinking that they like one style but soon realize they don’t know what they like. Being unsure and a little all over the place in terms of style is very common. A designer’s job is to help you find a style that suits your needs. We also serve as the neutral party when helping couples with conflicting styles find a happy compromise.

5. Helpful Liaison. When working on large scale projects that require tradesmen–contractors, architects, painters, plumbers–they are hired primarily to perform manual labor. Your plumber isn’t going shopping with you to select fancy shower heads and faucets. They’re not going to tell you which style or finish looks the best. And your tile installer certainly isn’t going to recommend a grout color that will make your kitchen backsplash tile stand out. That’s why hiring a designer is useful. A designer will search through thousands of materials available to choose the perfect option for you.  They also serve as a middleman when it comes to answering technical questions that affect your project. The last thing you want is your plumber calling you at work asking questions about thermostatic valves.

In the long run, hiring an interior designer will save you money, time and headaches. If you live in the DC area and need interior design help with your home, contact me to schedule a consultation.

{Image Source: Rue Magazine}

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